Thermal Trend

Your IR Program is determined by how well your manage your data!

These on-line training materials are designed to introduce you to the importance of establishing an Enterprise Database Solution for your Infrared PdM Inspection Program.

Here we cover the concepts relating to program accountability and provides you with an understanding of how Thermal Trend has been built upon the foundation of “Lean Thinking” as it is used to establish, conduct, and manage a truly World Program.

In addition to introducing you to the concepts and user interface you will learn how to work with the Thermal Trend database, create sites, work with routes, and document inspection results. You will also learn how use visual indicators to identify the health status of equipment and to determine what needs to be tested, what was tested, and what was not tested as well as how to associate details with appropriate equipment, track and trend problem status over multiple inspections, and more.

This course is open to all students who have enrolled in a course with the Professional Thermographers Association as well as all registered users of the Thermal Trend software.