TransEquipos - Curso de Certificacion de Termografos Nivel 2 

Course Instructors: (view Fred's bio)

Course Instructor: Ernesto Gallo, Certified Level III Thermographer (view Ernesto's bio)

Fred Colbert, Certified Level III Thermographer 

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Level II - This course is designed to meet SNT-TC-1A recommended practice for Level II Infrared Thermography. This hands-on course will assist you in furthering your operating skills, developing new inspection procedures and applications, advancing your infrared P/PM program or consulting services, utilizing IR trending or software programs, performing advanced NDT applications and attaining superior measurement skills for improved accuracy and diagnosis.

Advanced theory, applications, equipment operations, thermal analysis and inspection techniques, marketing, plus much more, is presented in a simple, easy to learn, hands-on fashion. Course certificate, exam, one-on-one sessions, post course support and resource upgrades are also included.

Course Instructor: Fred Colbert, Certified Level III Thermographer (view Fred's bio)

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