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IR Equipment - Software
  Thermal Trend Lean DB
Fully integrated infrared image analysis tools and the No. 1 selling database for field force automation and data collection."
Thermal Trend Lean DB
Product Description: 

Thermal Trend Lean DB

Obtain better speed, flexibility, and accuracy during your inspection and post inspection process by utilizing Thermal Trend - Lean DB.

  • No. 1 selling infrared database for 6 years in a row!
  • Works directly with IR image file formats like SIT, IMG, JPG, TIF, IS2 from all of the major camera manufactures.
  • Fastest infrared PdM inspection and reporting system available!
  • 100% accountability.
  • Unsurpassed data analysis capabilities
  • Demonstrable return on investment
  • Scalable, flexible and upgradeable to meet your growing PdM program needs
  Submitted By: Viki DeMars, 25 July 2007