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Highlight of key people in the infrared industry that have demonstrated a high degree of commitment to providing superior customer service and to sharing their knowledge, resources, and service offerings with other members of this large and growing community.  These "Professional" and/or "Corporate" members have agreed to abide by the code of ethics of the Professional Thermographers Association, and have vowed to uphold these values of integrity and trust in their every day business practices.

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 Member of the Professional Thermographers Association

Cortland V. Carington III

Double B Real-Estate Inspections
741 Westwood Drive
Abiline, Texas 79603 USA
Phone: 325-725-6117 Fax:

Member Details:


Cortland V. Carington III,

Training/Certification Level:

I am involved with Infrared Thermography as: IR Inspections

My areas of interest and/or expertise are: Electrical
Building Envelope

Additional Comments:
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