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Highlight of key people in the infrared industry that have demonstrated a high degree of commitment to providing superior customer service and to sharing their knowledge, resources, and service offerings with other members of this large and growing community.  These "Professional" and/or "Corporate" members have agreed to abide by the code of ethics of the Professional Thermographers Association, and have vowed to uphold these values of integrity and trust in their every day business practices.

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 Member of the Professional Thermographers Association

Erick Moreau

Weir/Andrewson Associates
990 A Street Suite K
San Rafael, CA 94901 USA
Phone: 415-485-9797 Fax: 415-485-9799

Member Details:


Erick Moreau, COO


Since the company’s inception in 1995, Paul Weir, Roy Andrewson, Jack Kemp, Erick Moreau, and their associates have worked in collaboration to provide comprehensive engineering and architectural consulting services to the design, construction and legal communities.

Over the past decade the staff of Weir/Andrewson Associates (W/A) has grown to include seasoned professional civil and structural engineers, architects, construction professionals, contractors, computer graphics and drafting specialists. The broad spectrum of expertise and analytical skills offered by W/A enables the firm to provide a full range of project services.

Training/Certification Level:

I am involved with Infrared Thermography as: Other

My areas of interest and/or expertise are: Roofs
Building Envelope

Additional Comments:

Weir/Andrewson specializes in the technical detailing of building envelopes, roofs, decks, fire resistive systems, buried and exposed membranes and traffic decks, waterproofing and flashing, coatings, sealants, fenestration and penetrations.

Architectural firms whose primary focus is on design find our technical services particularly relevant to enhance the durability of the resulting structures. W/A provides services for the full production of construction documents and specifications for those firms who prefer to remain focused on their design work.

Investigation & Analysis of Building Failures

Our firm is well-known for our expertise in the investigation of construction deficiencies and the cause of building failure. Our further expertise in historic restoration, litigation and forensics services allows us to effectively contribute to the discovery and recording process that is required in litigation/mediation cases.

We can provide services ranging from informal assessments to thorough destructive investigations and preparation of comprehensive reports. Evaluation of the structural integrity and safety of a building can also be provided, including conformance with the original construction plans and specifications, applicable building codes and industry standards.

These investigations involve location and identification of construction deficiencies, analysis of the impact of defects on the performance or safety of the structure, recommendation of solutions, preparation of estimates of the cost of repair and identification of responsible parties. Solutions for the resolution of construction deficiencies are the primary focus of the reports developed from the observations of these investigations.
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