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Highlight of key people in the infrared industry that have demonstrated a high degree of commitment to providing superior customer service and to sharing their knowledge, resources, and service offerings with other members of this large and growing community.  These "Professional" and/or "Corporate" members have agreed to abide by the code of ethics of the Professional Thermographers Association, and have vowed to uphold these values of integrity and trust in their every day business practices.

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Eddie Villa
Senior Analyst Maintenance Schedule

ISA - Transelca
Kra 55 N°72-109 floor 10
Barranquilla, Atlantico  Colombia
Phone: 5753717301 - 5753789996 Fax:

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Eddie Villa, Senior Analyst Maintenance Schedule

Eddie Villa has over 10 years of experience in the Electrical Engineering Field in a Power Systems Environment. He is a Level II Certified Thermographer with extensive experience in infrared inspections in trasnmision lines and electric substations of extra high voltage. He has extensive knowledge in Planning and Programming of Maintenance, Control and Feedback of Maintenance, Failure Analysis of equipment of Transmission Lines and High Voltage Substation and Reliability Center Maintenance (RCM) and has been part of groups of implementation since the blueprint of maintenance software such as SAP and MIMS.

He currently works in TRANSELCA S.A. E.S.P. (The second most important Electrical Transmission Company in Colombia). This Company has 1,400 km. Of 220 kV Overhead lines and 12 Substation in the same voltage level, covering all the northern area of the Country and is part of the largest Latin American electricity business.

Training/Certification Level: Level II Certified (PTA)

I am involved with Infrared Thermography as: IR Inspections

My areas of interest and/or expertise are: Electrical

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