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IR mirrors

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IR mirrors
by David Bigalow - Sunday, 9 May 2010, 7:07 AM


Having visited PTA's website, I thought someone may have an interest in inexpensive IR mirrors.  I tried the e-mail contact at the end of the home page, but that got kicked back as undeliverable.  So, I give this route a shot.


I have a couple years recent experience with IR thermography using a FLIR 600 series video camera on a daily basis in an industrial R&D and production environment.  I had to initiate several “proof†tests to confirm the accuracy of the thermal data.  There were equipment limitations that had to be compensated for and of course the all important surface emissivity.  Although I have only limited experience and knowledge of infrared, it was, if fact, a very educational crash course which required a lot of research and hoards of thinking outside of the standard box.  Anyway, one of the developments that came out of this was a simple, easily available, and inexpensive mirror that produced 99.9% emissivity for accurate reflected thermal images.  The cost of these relatively large “throw away†mirrors was about $55.00 as compared to industry recognized true IR mirrors costing $5,000.00 or more.  Quite a savings.  Of course there are common sense guidelines that must be followed.  If you would like information on this quickly, I can be contacted via e-mail.  Otherwise, I will check this forum again soon.


David B